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Metal-Free Fillings

Metal Free Fillings Oak Lawn

For generations, dentists used amalgam fillings to restore teeth that were decayed or fractured. You’ve likely seen these metallic looking fillings still today. However, as an increasing body of research revealed health and safety issues around the mercury contained in amalgam, new options emerged. Dental technology and the products available today provide safer, healthier and more durable composites. At Inside the Smile, we use only metal free, nontoxic biocompatible resins. We stay current on the innovation introducing new alternatives to traditional amalgam fillings, and Dr. Mike is happy to discuss all options with you.

A New Way We Approach Tooth Fillings

Newer resins and composites are less reactive to temperatures of hot and cold. Materials, like white resin and porcelain, bond precisely to your tooth without expanding in heat or contracting in cold. The result is a stronger seal. The result is a more comfortable durable filling. When reactivity or sensitivity is a special concern, Dr. Mike can do biocompatibility testing to ensure the materials we’ve selected are a good fit with your unique biology. Finally, new filling techniques are more conservative, too. We preserve greater strength and stability of the tooth because modern materials require less removal of the tooth structure. Not only will you be safer and more comfortable, you’ll really like the natural look of these materials on your teeth. Find Out If You Need Fillings Metal-free fillings offer health and safety benefits, and they look good, too! Make your appointment for evaluation today and see how much more confident you’ll feel. Discover more benefits of esthetic procedures.

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