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Experiences from an Adult Invisalign Patient

When you make the decision to opt for those invisible braces called Invisalign, it’s all plain sailing…right? It usually is, but you might run into some situations you could never anticipate. While Oak Lawn dentist Dr. Smith and his staff will give you all the direction and advice needed, there’s always a few unexpected experiences along the way. The following is an actual story from a patient who went through an Invisalign procedure.

Crooked Teeth – An Alternative to Ugly Metal Braces

Whenever I see someone open their mouth only to reveal a set of perfectly straight teeth, I can’t help but feel envy for their good fortune and feel sorry for myself because my teeth are more crooked than a corrupt politician.

This year, my dentist told me about a new treatment; an alternative to “ugly” metal braces, and one that I wouldn’t feel ashamed to use as an adult.

Invisalign, he told me, could straighten my teeth and correct my bite without having to go through surgery or wear eyesore braces. Invisalign moves teeth using custom aligners that are made from clear plastic.

This makes them more inconspicuous in comparison to braces. I immediately agreed to treatment, but looking back, I feel like I should have done more research first. While I’m only a month into the program, and rather happy with the results thus far, I’d like to share some things I wish I knew before jumping in head first.


More Attachments

Newer Invisalign procedures might include attachments (or enamel-colored ridges) that stick to your teeth like the brackets of braces. These attachments are fitted to the aligner to help them move teeth more efficiently.

When you’re not wearing your aligners, the attachments are barely visible, but when you do have your aligners in, it looks like you’re wearing a set of clear braces. My dentist told me from the getgo that I’d have two attachments, but I ended up getting a total of 20.


Losing Weight During Orthodontic Treatment

Due to the fact that you have to wear the aligners for 22 hours every day, you only have two hours each day to eat your meals. Of course, you could just take the aligners off whenever you feel hungry, but prying them off your teeth can be a hassle for a quick snack…especially when you’re on the go or traveling.

I tried eating super large meals during my daily two-hour eating periods but that still left me hungry most of the time. I lost weight during the first month but was able to return to my normal weight by adding protein smoothies to my diet.


Kissing is Awkward

Guess who’s back in high school. Yes, it’s true, trying to kiss with Invisalign is like learning to kiss all over again.

Some people online have said that Invisalign killed the romance in their relationship, but those claims are likely just trolls looking for a reaction or broken-hearted human beans (yes, I said beans instead of beings, hilarious) who are exaggerated the role that Invisalign played in their breakups to help themselves cope.

Try to make out during your eating periods though, just to be safe.


Closing Thoughts

While there are certainly some unexpected drawbacks to using Invisalign, I’m determined to see the treatment through. I’ve already seen a difference in my bite. The biggest being the fact that I can now chew using six molars.

My teeth definitely look straighter than they were when I first started treatment. My self-conscious views about my teeth are all but gone and I now give wide smiles, like, very wide smiles, maybe even creepy wide smiles.

While it’s certainly a struggle, it’s comforting to know that I’ve finally taken measures to reach the perfect teeth that I dreamed of having for as long as I can remember. With the results I’m getting, all the effort is worth it, and I don’t care if I have to sacrifice for a few more years, I’m definitely gonna complete the program.


Invisalign – the Traditional Braces Alternative in Oak Lawn

Well there you have it – a few unexpected experiences from an adult patient. Probably the biggest issue Dr. Mike sees with his Invisalign patients is the commitment to wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day. Yes, it’s a bit inconvenient, but you’ll get used to it. Request an appointment and visit our Oak Lawn dentist office if you want to opt for Invisalign usage.


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