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Invisalign Treatment as An Adult

What It Is Really Like To Have Invisalign Treatment as An Adult As a child with crooked teeth, perhaps you were a little self-conscious throughout your school years. Perhaps because of the cost, or the inconvenience, you just didn't get your teeth straightened. Maybe...

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Going on Trips Away From Home with Invisalign

  Traveling with Invisalign When you leave the comfort of your own home, travel to another city or even another country, Dr. Mike's clinic won't be so convenient any longer. You probably won't think of these things before you leave, so we asked a mom of an Invisalign...

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Things to Know Before You Get Invisalign

Experiences from an Adult Invisalign Patient When you make the decision to opt for those invisible braces called Invisalign, it's all plain sailing...right? It usually is, but you might run into some situations you could never anticipate. While Dr. Smith...

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